Bespoke Development

We specialize in bespoke web development. Whether your starting a blog or a business, we can help.

We create websites ranging from simple online landing pages to complex interactive and dynamic applications like e-commerce sites and etc.

Our sites are well-designed and adhere to industry standards and best practices ensuring you will be found by your customers whoever they are.

What are our fees?

First, we will have to agree on the scope of the project. Base charge is S$1,000.00. This are for projects taking no longer than 10 days. If your project is complex, and we take longer to complete, we charge S$500 per day outside of 10 days.

Also, depending on your project, we will discuss whether you need hosting or maintenance from us.

Example 1: You need a simple customized WordPress theme for your business. We spend 5 days developing it. We will bill you S$1,000.

Example 2: You want a complex online dating web application built that charges users a subscription fee. After having agreed on the scope of the project, we spend 60 days developing it. We will bill you S$26,000 (S$1,000 + [50 x S$500]).

Don't worry, we will provide an expected completion date.

For companies looking for more support as they undertake deeper transformation in business upgrading, innovation and internationalisation, you may consider applying to the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to procure our services.

Need more information, some advice or rather talk first? Just send us an email at [email protected].

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