Please download and go through our user guide here.

If you still need help with DNS setup, solution configurations or a even walk through, please kindly book a 15 minutes slot with us using using the link below. We will show you what to do to get our solution up and running.


We will send you an invoice every 1st of the month. You can use the links in the invoice to make payment. All payments are processed by PayPal.

After your trial period, we will send you an invoice every 1st of the month. Your first bill will be the pro-rated amount used for that month.


You sign up on 15-Jan-2020. Hence, your trial period ends 14-Feb-2020. We will send you your first bill on 1-Mar-2020. The amount will be pro-rated. We will continue to send you bills every 1st of the month until you stop. When you stop, we will send you the last invoice for that month.

Simply write to us. We can be contacted at [email protected].

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